Course 2: Engaging Students

AI-Powered Education

Welcome to the second Pintagger Campus course, where you will learn how to manage and evaluate
student assignments, as well as how to get the most out of Böxie‘s AI features.
You will be rewarded with the Pintagger Amateur certificate and Pintagger Amateur badge.

This course consists of three linked videos with a total duration of 60 minutes.

Contents of course 2: Engaging Students.

      • Videos as material and videos as assignments. Creating different types of assignments.

      • Creating student accounts. You will learn how to create student accounts and the interface from their profile.

      • Creating classes with Google Classroom. If you don’t work with Google Classroom, don’t worry, there are other options.

      • AI features. comprehension assistant and automatically assessed tasks.

      • Assigning tasks. Creating and assigning homework by different methods (Google Classroom, link, email, etc.).

      • Evaluation. You will learn the different options to evaluate with Böxie. Formative and summative assessment.