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What do you think about Böxie?

thumb_02_60_60Mark Star

Fremont County School, USA

Böxie helps me assess my students’ understanding, gives them quick feedback with helpful suggestions… this tool will be extremely beneficial for our students. It is difficult to give detailed feedback to each student in quick ‘comprehension checks’, but with Böxie, all of this and more is possible.”

thumb_03_60_60Diego Granja

Samsung Education, Spain

“The alliance has been immensely beneficial for both Samsung Spain and the education sector. For Samsung, it has allowed us to deepen our commitment to education, showing the potential of our technology to improve learning environments.”


thumb_01_60_60Sandy Basnal

Bobby Moore Academy, UK

“Students enjoy using the tool, as it helps with prior knowledge. It has allowed me to identify early on which students need more support. I would like to integrate Böxie into other subject areas and show the impact it has on formative assessments.”

thumb_01_60_60Tania P. Domínguez

Cumbres Internat. School, Mx

“A significant change was that they took ownership of the activity; it wasn’t created or designed by the teacher, but by themselves. Therefore, it was more engaging for them once they understood the instructions for the activity.”

thumb_03_60_60Franchu Alonso

Discípulas de Jesús, Spain

“It really works for those students with the greatest difficulties, not only in understanding content but also in their personal organization: Böxie allows me to quickly and easily personalize the explanations and resources attached to the video… they don’t get lost looking for those materials elsewhere.”

thumb_02_60_60Claudia C. Amaya

PHET Simulations, El Salvador

Böxie is unlike any other tool because it provides an innovative way to interact with students. Students feel like they are in charge of their learning and can work at their own pace without pressure and with freedom.”