Recomendations for video selection

Selecting videos properly is crucial for achieving the best results with Artificial Intelligence.
Here are some tips:

● Use short videos. More than an AI limitation, the videos that work best in the classroom are short videos. Additionally, the shorter they are, the faster they will be processed (i.e., read and worked on by the AI). Keep in mind that one task will be consumed for every 15 minutes of video, so if you use long videos, you will have fewer tasks available.

● Use videos with clear and articulate narration. Böxie‘s AI relies on voice recognition, so unclear speech could lead to transcription errors.

Ensure that the information you want to work with is present in the audio. Avoid videos where information is only displayed on-screen (such as captions or slides) and not mentioned in the audio.

Do not use videos solely with instrumental music. The AI relies on voice recognition, so using videos with instrumental music wouldn’t make sense. Similarly, do not use videos that mix multiple languages, as they may not be processed correctly.

Keep in mind that generative Artificial Intelligence is experimental. We have collectively trained and continue to train our assistant, Böxie, to provide the best results as AI progresses.