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Become the best Pintagger
in the galaxy!

Welcome to the Pintagger Campus, the training and professional development space
of Böxie, where you will acquire the necessary skills
to become the best Pintagger in the galaxy!

Our courses are organized by difficulty level and aligned with DigCompEdu, starting with the basic skills of the course “The Art of Pintagueo: How to Create Transmedia Videos,” which will give you a good perspective on what you can achieve with Böxie to take your videos to the next level!

The videos in each course are linked through Evaluation forms. Upon completing the last video of each course, you will earn your corresponding badge and certificate. At the end of each course, you will also receive credentials to progress to the next one in your training itinerary.

Are you ready?
Let’s get started!

We’re already underway! Click on the badge for Course 1: The Art of Pintagging, and get ready to become the best Pintagger in the Galaxy!”

The Art of Pintagging

Creating transmedia videos

Acquire the necessary skills to create transmedia videos by painting with Böxie.

Engaging Students

AI-Powered Education

As a Jedi teacher, empower your students: Assign tasks for them to pintag!

Screen capture

Creation of video tutorials & other uses

Learn how to capture screenshots, prepare your video tutorials, and create pintaged lessons with all the necessary materials.

Coming soon

Evaluation with Böxie

Automatically Assessed Asignments

In this course you will learn how to evaluate (and grade if necessary😜) with the Böxie task manager.

Coming soon

Learning experiences

Empowering your skills as an educator

This is the last level of Pintagger Campus. You will become an architect of gamifications, projects, etc.

Coming soon

Ambassador trining

Special course

By passing this course, we will transfer to you the “essential powers” to become part of our diplomatic corps.

Will you be a Böxie Ambassador?