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Introducing Böxie, your ultimate solution for video & PDF enrichment, designed to take proactive learning
to a new level

How Böxie works

What we aim to achieve

Revolutionize the way your videos

and documents capture attention!

With our innovative solution, we transform educational resources into unforgettable experiences that not only entertain but also empower. Elevate learning to new heights by allowing your students to immerse themselves in a proactive environment where knowledge comes to life.

Student empowerment

Give your students the power to take charge of their education with tools that foster autonomous and meaningful learning.

Development of essential skills

Cultivate critical skills in your students, such as comprehension, analysis, and writing, preparing them for future success.

Motivation boost

Ignite a genuine interest in learning with content that captures the imagination and fuels curiosity.

Creativity and critical thinking

Inspire your students to think differently, fostering innovative solutions and unique perspectives.

Digital competence

Prepare your students for the digital world by developing essential technological skills that will be valuable in all aspects of their lives.

Educational revolution

Join the educational revolution and transform the way you teach. Make every learning moment count with experiences that make a difference!

How we do it

Maximize the potential
of your videos
and documents!

Taking their advantages to the next level with advanced annotation tools and the magic of Artificial Intelligence.

‘Pintag’ your videos to transform them into interactive and educational adventures

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Use our innovative ‘pintagging’ function to add pins (marks) and tags (highlights) to your YouTube, Vimeo, or own videos, or those created with our exclusive citbREC extension. This technique not only enriches your videos but also creates interactive viewing experiences that capture and maintain the attention of your viewers.

Elevate your PDFs beyond the conventional

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Mark and annotate your documents to take text to a whole new dimension. Merge your PDFs with videos for an unprecedented educational experience, or do the reverse combination to further enrich your content.

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence in your educational strategy

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With our AI technology, you can automatically generate assessment activities, providing instant and accurate feedback. This approach not only enriches the learning experience for students but also represents a significant time saving for teachers, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: teaching and guiding learning.

Discover how our platform can revolutionize your educational material

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Make the most of your resources through ‘pintagging’ and AI integration, and bring your teaching to the forefront of educational innovation.