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Enhancing the Educational Experience with AI: A Deep Dive into Böxie Assignments

From the inception of our application, our goal has been clear: to empower teachers and students with a unique tool to explore the world of video in the classroom. Unlike other platforms that simply insert questions into the timeline of a video, ClassInTheBox promotes a more competency-based approach, placing the student at the center of their learning process.

The current educational landscape demands that students acquire skills in media digital literacy. In an era dominated by the video format, it is essential that students know how to locate, understand, and evaluate visual content. Our application effectively and creatively addresses this need.

One of the standout features of ClassInTheBox is its ability to convert videos into interactive educational activities. These generic tasks allow students to develop essential skills such as identifying main ideas, secondary ideas, searching for information, and locating evidence while watching the video. Furthermore, these tasks can be further enriched by activating the Böxie comprehension assistant, an artificial intelligence that operates in a safe and controlled environment for education. Böxie generates questions that challenge and stimulate the student’s understanding, creating a more dynamic learning environment.

On the other hand, automatically assessable tasks represent another pillar of the educational revolution offered by ClassInTheBox. Students watch the video and answer questions proposed by AI, without the need for direct teacher intervention. The artificial intelligence itself generates and evaluates these tasks, relieving the teacher’s workload. Furthermore, it provides immediate feedback, allowing students to improve their understanding effectively and autonomously.

The integration of artificial intelligence in the classroom through ClassInTheBox is a testimony to the transformative potential of technology in education. With these features, teachers can free up valuable time previously dedicated to mechanical preparation and correction tasks and focus on more impactful formative assessments. AI is paving the way for a more student-centered approach and the development of essential skills for a digital world. In summary, ClassInTheBox stands as an essential tool in the educational revolution, equipping teachers and students with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-evolving learning environment.