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Empowering Learning with Educational Videos

In the digital age, videos have become an indispensable tool in the educational sphere, offering an enriched and dynamic learning experience. It’s no longer just about transmitting information, but about engaging students in innovative and effective ways.

Why use videos in education? The answer is clear: videos offer a powerful combination of visual and auditory stimuli that facilitate understanding and retention of content. The visual narrative and dynamic images capture students’ attention in ways that other resources sometimes cannot. Moreover, videos make it easier to explain complex concepts, providing practical and real examples that make learning tangible and relevant. Working with this content proactively makes learning more meaningful and competency-based.

But we don’t stop there; with the introduction of new capabilities that technology allows us through ClassInTheBox, we can take the educational video experience to a new level. The patented “pintagging” technology allows enriching videos with annotations, highlights, and educational resources, adding an interactive and participatory dimension that enhances students’ understanding and engagement.

When to use videos? The answer is versatile. Videos are ideal for introducing new topics, explaining complex concepts, reinforcing and reviewing previously taught material, and encouraging the practical application of knowledge. At each stage of a didactic unit, videos can play a fundamental role in the learning process, providing a dynamic and meaningful experience.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence features, Böxie offers even more possibilities to customize and enrich the educational experience. Teachers can take advantage of advanced video search to quickly find relevant content in the Inspira Gallery, saving time and effort. Additionally, AI features offer students real-time comprehension assistance, empowering them to explore and understand content more effectively and self-directed.

Böxie offers an innovative functionality of self-assessment tasks, based on the video content and generated in seconds. This allows the teacher to quickly provide comprehension questions for their students. Self-assessment tasks require students to highlight directly in the video the answers (in the video’s own timeline, through tags), while being supported by the script of the video itself, which appears as they highlight. Once completed, the questions are automatically corrected by Artificial Intelligence, providing a score and relevant feedback. This feature not only saves time for the teacher but also provides students with immediate and accurate feedback on their understanding of the material.

Videos are an invaluable tool in the modern educator’s arsenal, and with Böxie, the educational experience with videos becomes even more powerful and accessible. From personalized learning to improved comprehension, Böxie offers an innovative platform that transforms the way we learn and teach in the digital age.