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Understanding Pins

and Tags

Discover the power of Böxie – effortlessly mark crucial moments using pins and tags, enrich your videos with text, links, interactive activities, presentations, questionnaires, games, and more. Unlock boundless educational possibilities and captivate your audience in ways you’ve never imagined before!

Böxie: AI-Powered


Explore Böxie‘s AI integration—advanced search for teachers, auto-generated assessments, and a comprehensive video assistant for students. Revolutionize education effortlessly!


the document experience

Discover the future of teaching with Böxie, a revolutionary tool designed to transform the way you work with PDFs. Enhance your work with PDFs and combine it with videos on our platform to take your teaching to unprecedented levels.

Empowering student


Empower students with Böxie to unlock their potential while developing essential skills by annotating videos, highlighting key concepts, segmenting content, pinpointing specifics, and enriching with original materials. Böxie fosters active engagement, collaboration, and deeper understanding through personalized video enrichment.