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Böxie, the AI Assistant for working with video format

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is here to stay and can be of great assistance in the field of education. In this regard, ClassInTheBox has developed its intelligent assistant, called Böxie, with the primary goal of assisting teachers and students in their teaching and learning experiences using video format.

AI can be of great help in education, as it enables the automation of repetitive tasks, freeing up time for teachers to focus on what truly matters: educating their students. Additionally, AI can help personalize learning, adapting to the needs and abilities of each student.

With Böxie, teachers can create self-assessable tasks and automate student assessment. Furthermore, Böxie also assists teachers in automatically organizing all the videos in the gallery through AI, allowing for searches within the hundreds of Inspire Gallery videos, within the information contained in their pins and tags, and even within the audio, while also providing all the digital resources contained in the video.

But Böxie is not only designed to help teachers. It is also designed to assist students in better understanding the video content and in automatically performing AI-based tasks. Students can ask comprehension questions about the video content in a format very similar to a chat conversation. Additionally, Böxie can automatically generate questions that students must locate and mark as tags in the video. The assistant itself evaluates students’ work and provides automatic scores. In these activities, the teacher will receive a comprehensive report on tool usage, student performance, frequently asked questions, or questions that pose greater difficulty, etc.

AI can be of great help in the field of education, and Böxie is an intelligent assistant that aims to accompany educational institutions, teachers, and students in discovering this technology. However, it is essential to consider that generative AI is experimental. We have trained and continue to train our assistant Böxie to provide the best results as AI progresses, but a good selection of videos can help achieve optimal results. Here are some tips:

✅ Use videos with clear and articulate speech. Böxie’s AI relies on voice recognition, so poor diction could lead to transcription errors.

✅ Ensure that the information you want to work with is present in the audio. Avoid videos where the information is only displayed on the screen (such as labels or slides) and is not mentioned in the audio.

✅ Avoid using videos with instrumental music only. AI relies on voice recognition, so using videos with instrumental music wouldn’t be meaningful.