This is how our search engine, Böxie Search, works


There are increasing resources being generated with ClassInTheBox. Users from all over the world create quality content for their classes and share it with the Pintaguer community through the Inspire Gallery, serving as inspiration to use in class and impacting the education of thousands of students.

But the ClassInTheBox search engine is not an ordinary search engine. It is based on Artificial Intelligence to find among the hosted videos, offering not only the video itself but also where the searched information is located, whether it is in the title of the video, in the titles and descriptions of the pins and tags, and even in the audio of the videos themselves!

Yes, in milliseconds Böxie Search provides all the information you need and also tells you what digital resources are linked in the video, among them Topworksheets, Kahoots, Quizizz, Google applications, Book Creator, Canva, Genially, etc.

It’s as if Böxie Search reads and listens to all the information from the pintagged videos and also classifies that information to make it more accessible.

Two types of search

When you enter text in the search box, a simple title search will be offered to you as you type among the titles hosted in the Inspire Gallery as well as in your own videos.

But if you want to use all the potential of Artificial Intelligence, click on the Böxie Search button to get all the information contained in the Inspire Gallery videos simply organized by cards.

At the top of each one, you will find the matches found in the video (title, pins, tags, and audio) and at the bottom the digital resources included in it.