Böxie Safe Assistant, our AI assistant for students

Artificial intelligence has come to stay. Although it had been used for several years, the launch of ChatGPT and Google Bard has been the catalyst for thousands of teachers and students worldwide to start using it.

At ClassInTheBox, we are aware that every disruptive innovation is an opportunity for growth. That’s why we have created the Böxie assistant, an optional activation component for students to have assistance that helps them better understand the video content and perform their assigned tasks more effectively. It’s like having the teacher multiplied by 25 or 30, available to answer students’ comprehension questions.

In addition, we have introduced the Keep-Alive system (also optional), where students need to click on various randomly appearing icons while watching the video to demonstrate their active engagement. Once the video ends, the Böxie Safe Assistant is activated, and students can ask it 1, 3, or 5 questions, depending on the task settings defined by the teacher, in a format similar to any familiar chat interface.

The intention behind this is to encourage students to watch the video attentively, as the number of questions they can ask Böxie is limited. These questions will require textual answers that are explicitly contained in the video. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we have generated in advance all the questions that have answers within the video itself, aiming to assist students in their comprehension and completion of competency-based tasks (such as highlighting the video, locating information, summarizing, explaining, etc.)

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