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Merge video and text
for a complete educational

Maximize the impact of your teaching materials by combining the depth of text in PDFs with the dynamism and visuals of videos. This synergy between different types of content ensures a richer understanding and more effective learning.

Engage and captivate your students

With Böxie, empower the intellectual growth of your students through direct interaction with learning material. By marking, annotating, and adding to videos and documents, highlight key concepts, divide content into manageable segments, point out specific details, and enrich the material with students’ own creations. Böxie not only fosters active participation and collaboration but also promotes a deeper understanding through customizable curriculum materials.

Discover the power of pins

and tags with Böxie

Mark essential moments in videos and PDFs with ease, transforming them into powerful educational tools. Through detailed annotations, highlights, links, and a variety of interactive activities like presentations, quizzes, and games, Böxie opens up a world of educational possibilities, capturing your audience’s attention in a revolutionary way.

Detailed annotations

Expand the information of any educational element to achieve a broad knowledge of the subject.


Link embedded elements so that they can be viewed without leaving Böxie.

Links and underlining

Highlight parts and add external links that link to the main information.

Quizzes and games

Seduce and challenge your students by turning learning into something fun and unforgettable.

Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

Böxie integrates the latest in AI to offer advanced features like optimized multi-format search analyzing video, text, image, and audio for teachers, autograded assignments, and an interactive comprehension assistant for students. This cutting-edge technology promises an unprecedented educational revolution, simplifying teaching and enriching learning.

Multiformat search

Analyzes, searches and finds any format: video, text, image and audio.

Automatic assessments

Generates usage and results reports on specific assignments.

Learning Assistant

Formulate the best questions and generate the corresponding answers.

Böxie, benefits for all

Benefits for Students

• Personalized content access

Böxie offers content tailored to each student’s pace and level, improving comprehension and information retention.

• Interactivity and participation

The platform includes interactive tools that encourage active student participation through quizzes, polls, and real-time activities.

• Self-paced learning

Students can access materials and lessons at any time, allowing greater flexibility in their learning process.

• Immediate feedback

Students receive instant feedback on their assignments and activities, helping to quickly identify areas for improvement.

• Increasedmotivation and engagement

Böxie‘s interactive and personalized learning makes the process more engaging and fun, increasing motivation and commitment.

Benefits for Teachers

• Efficient assessment tools

Böxie provides tools to create, manage, and grade assessments efficiently, reducing teachers’ administrative burden.

• Performance analysis

The platform offers detailed analysis of student performance, helping teachers identify patterns and adjust their teaching methods to individual needs.

• Workflow optimization

Böxie simplifies the sending of assignments, receiving of work, grading, and feedback to students, saving valuable time and effort so teachers can focus on what matters most: teaching.

• Centralized resources and materials

Teachers can access and share a wide variety of educational resources in one place, simplifying lesson planning and material distribution.

Benefits for Organizations

• Improved educational quality

By providing advanced tools for teaching and learning, Böxie helps improve the educational quality of the institution.

• Resource optimization

The platform enables more efficient management of educational resources, reducing costs and improving the administration of content and assessments.

• Scalability

Böxie is scalable and can adapt to the needs of institutions of different sizes, from small schools to large universities.

• Detailed data and reports

Organizations can access detailed data on student and teacher performance, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement of educational programs.